You Feel So Lost

But I assure you, you are not alone and there is a path

You are shattered. You barely recognize yourself. You might ask, will I ever feel normal again? The answer is YES! And it will be a NEW NORMAL. A better -than -before Normal. A Roadmap Through Grief will take your hand and walk the path with you. This one-of-a-kind roadmap will walk you intentionally through change so that you can find yourself again. My name is Katherine Kleingartner. I am the instructor. I have a Master's Degree in Education. I am a Life Coach and I have helped hundreds of people just like you find themselves again after earth-shattering loss and traumatic events. Let's work together. I promise you will benefit.

Get Relief Now

I can't wait to meet you in your pain and walk with you on the road back to feeling like yourself again. Invest in you now. Your happiness is waiting.

In my coursework and through personal coaching I have helped hundreds of people just like you find their way themselves. Here's what they are saying:

" A client told me about Katherine.  I was nervous on our first call. I wondered: Will I feel comfortable enough to really open up to her? Will she really 'get' me? Will she be able to see where I am, assess my potential and identify the things getting in my way and help me do the work to remove these obstacles so I can really emerge? Will this be worth it?  The answer to those questions is a big YES! Working with Katherine is like a huge catapult in my joy, success and well-being. I can honestly say that I am happier in myself than I ever have been. I am a better mom, life partner, business woman. " Dr. Traci

How will this course change your life?

I have been where you are. I have had my world turned upside down by tragic loss. I have lost myself, felt utterly alone and painstakingly worked my way back to a new normal. I never wanted anyone to work as hard as I did to find my way back to happiness so I created this Roadmap Through Grief.

  • Build a tool kit of skills that help you celebrate the you that got lost

  • Discover a path to destination : the next good thing

  • Revive or discover for the first time who you are and always have been

  • Take this journey accompanied by someone who has been there and is back better and stronger than ever

Get on the path toward happiness today

This course includes so much value. 5-weeks of instructional material including online coaching every other week and a private community page to share and connect as we walk the Road together. Destination: Your Happy Place

Instructor/ Life Coach/ Grief Specialist

Katherine Kleingartner